Tuesday, March 10, 2009

professional cheerleader

My first post. I don't know how to make my blog look decent and we'll see if I can actually get this to post. The purpose of this blog is to journal my project: being a professional stay-at-home mom. Now, what I mean by that is that I pick a profession to focus on every month. This month I am a professional cheerleader. No (sorry DH), I don't have a sexy little uniform, but I do have a pom pom (yes, only one) but I found some killer cheers on the interweb:

"S-U-P-(pause) E-R. Super, that is what you are. 
SUPER! (clap. clap.) SUPER! (clap. clap.) Yaaaaaaaaaaay, (name)."

"1 cent. 2 cents. 3 cents. A dollar.
All for (full name) stand up and holler. Whoooo!"

This professional choice was inspired by my son, E, who asked me to skate behind him, cheering him on as he worked to learn how to skate. So I did. I skated around the rink, offering him words of encouragement and hooting and hollering when he regained his balance or got back to his feet after a nasty spill. And when he finally got it, we skated around the rink together and I got to share the joy that he felt in his accomplishment (and I got to share that joy for 20 laps, LONG after the rest of our family had headed home). I realized afterwards that the most devoted cheerleaders that our children will ever have, are their family. If we don't cheer them on, who will? Maybe a wonderful teacher, or an inspired coach, or an exceptional neighbour. . . or maybe no one. And it made me think about the times that I finished watching a child at their practice and the words I offered, after they worked hard for that hour, were to point out where they could work harder. CRAZY! I've got to cheer them on, and that's what I'm focusing on this month! 

Goooooooooooo Samber!


Shanna said...

I'm glad that your cheerleading team came in first in grade 9 and that you haven't wasted your talent. Remember, stiff wrist claps.;)

Anonymous said...

can you at least get some pom poms?? my vote is still for the skirt, though...

Julie said...

How's that megaphone going for you?

achrome said...
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