Thursday, March 12, 2009

G in junior high

Lest you believe that I am uber-organized, I will tell you how I worked my profession into supper last night. I didn't have a child scheduled to cheer for last night, but we were short one plate, so I pulled out the celebration plate and gave it to K. I hadn't started his 25-random-things list, so I said that we were going to work on it as a family: so that's what we dedicated our supper conversation to. That worked, too, because E came up with "He gave me his Scooby Doo Learn-to-read books" which I hadn't thought to recognize. Once we completed the list, we cheered for him and let him hand out the Trebor candy. How's that for thinking on my feet? Nice.

Then I went with my oldest to our first junior high open house. I wanted to throw up, cry and freeze time when I thought of him; my sweet, innocent, eager G; being thrown into the jaws of junior high. Breath. By the end of the evening I was feeling positive and even more committed to the importance of cheering him on!! 


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