Tuesday, March 24, 2009

spirit of co-operation

The month is ending and I am thrilled with the spirit of co-operation that cheering each other on has brought into the house! Mid month I was a little worried that I had created cheer dependent monsters (S: "I dook my dishes ovoe. Chee-oe dat I am SUP-OE!), but it's all good. Last night we had a lesson on not being jealous when others get cheered when we don't, but to focus on cheering for them. And we cheered on our last child: G got his 25-random-things completed in his journal. Later, when I returned from a refreshing cross-country ski with a friend, the children were all asleep and there was an orange with its peel scored (ready for peeling) on the table with a goodnight note taped to it. I had written in G's 25-random-things list about his goodnight ritual and he took it to heart that I had noticed. The note read: "to Mom. Love G. Good night. Sweet dreams. Love you. See you tomorrow. xxx. ps Green octopi"

No need to be jealous of others, because I'm the one being cheered.

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Julie said...

Samber, your blog is getting quite hooptied up. Nice work. I loved your translation from "S". Don't worry about me being jealous of your green octopi, serendipitously, we have a lovely hexipus finger puppet, whose tragic design flaw has secured him a special spot in our family. I-N-V-E-R-T-E-B-R-A-T-E, Invertebrate, invertebrate is what you are...Gooooooooooooo MOLLUSKS!