Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cheer teams

I wanted my children to recognize and, more importantly, feel the difference between discouraging words, and encouraging words, so that was the lesson for family night. I set up a little basketball hoop and they each had a turn to shoot hoops while we a) cheered them on and then b) yelled discouraging comments. They all agreed that they preferred encouraging words. Next week I'm going to teach a little more on the same subject. For fun I began the lesson by showing a cheer team video from Youtube. The boys were very captivated. While eating our treat at the end, we watched some more cheers, until DH typed in "cheerleader tackled" and took them down an entirely different avenue of entertainment.

My friend, Julie, lent me her megaphone from her glory days on a cheer team, to help my profession along. Boys should NEVER have the chance to amplify their voices inside. Of course, I didn't want them to use it, but they just couldn't resist the chance to take 'loud' to a whole new level.

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Michelle said...

What a fabulous idea!