Monday, November 9, 2009

More ideas

I'm just back from a glorious 16 day vay-cay sans husband and children. While visiting my sister in New Zealand, Sister organized a night for her friends to listen to me give my "professions" speech to. I bet her that only 4 women would come but she is obviously a better salesperson than I, for there were 13 guests! And they were all delightful. Some of them even wrote down 11 professions to work on during the next year. . . 11? Aren't there 12 months in a year? Yes, and they had 12 professions planned, but they just didn't want to WRITE one of them down. You know. . . the female escort. Tee hee. Just write it down! So I had so much fun meeting my sister's friends and I'm happy that she's in good hands on the other side of the world.

So this was the second time that I formally presented my Professional Improver idea and it has helped me refine the idea a bit, and see what part people easily grasp (focusing on one area of life at a time) and what part people struggle with (having to let some things slide so that they have time available to focus on said area). And I heard some great ideas for professions, so I thought I'd pass them on to you.

Stylist: The idea is to sort your wardrobe, cull that which you haven't worn forever, maybe update some items, maybe go shopping with a friend for a new outfit and get a make-over to update your make up style. Also applies to children: maybe plan one outing a month with each of your children, to get a new outfit for them; or have them wear their favorite outfit and choose accessories. For a family night lessons you could teach about dressing modestly, what styles suit what body types, or if you have a boy who just started junior high, you could teach about what fashion IS. tee hee.

Political Activist: Great idea! I get emails announcing meetings that the government has organized, looking for community feedback and even if I'm interested in the subject being discussed, it just seems like one too many things to do. But if I had one month where that was my focus, I could attend one or two meetings and maybe make a difference, and at the very least, likely realize that it's not THAT tricky to get involved.

Movie Critic: This one doesn't speak to me too much, but I know that there are lots of movie lovers out there so I had to pass it on. Now, some of you feel guilty sitting to watch a movie, but if it were your JOB to watch movies, then you can forget about the guilt! Some ways to apply this one would be to watch a movie during the day. How luxurious, eh? You could put some on hold from the library - not all Hollywood movies, but get into the artsy, good stuff. If you still can't shake the guilt of watching during the day, then what about 2 a week for the month? That might still be more that you usually fit into your life. And if you STILL can't give yourself permission to indulge yourself, what if you make this month's profession a REWARD for accomplishing another month's profession? But, really, you are allowed to take time to enjoy life, so please do.

If you have come up with some professions that you think will inspire other people, then please leave them in a comment.