Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thankful Thought 2

I thought I'd start April by posting my second thankful thought in honor of my dad's 66th birthday yesterday. At his party he asked everyone to say three nice things about him but it immediately turned into a roast so I quickly banned the choking-on-the-rice-bolus story. My sister-in-law was out of the room at the time and when she returned, she chose to tell about the first time she went out with my dad and my brother and how they went to the Rice Bowl (do you see how close she got to "rice bowl-us"??) and thought to herself that she had never seen anyone eat rice so fast (that wasn't the time he choked, BTW). SO, here is a thankful thought dedicated to my dad. Back in the spring of 2010, my dad purchased a table saw and was looking for a project. I mentioned that I had been looking for a captains bed... a CALIFORNIA KING sized captains bed. They don't exist. He insisted on making us one. YAY! After many afternoons of labouring in my garage, he happily brought in this massive bed. I figure I've got about a decade before I'll have to resort to a step ladder to get into bed. But now I essentially sleep on top of 2 enormous dressers: 6 drawers on both sides with a cubby at the foot of the bed for bags and the such.

 I love it!! Thanks, Dad! You're super!

And a quick April Fool's prank. DH's April Fool's joke was to generously sprinkle yellow-food-dyed-water around both bathrooms: basically it looked like someone was standing to pee when they got electrocuted. Daughter got up and said "Daaaaaaaad, you made a mess in the bathroom!" and then spent 10 minutes wiping it up with toilet paper (just like she does every morning, likely. Hahahaha. Just jokin'). Son1 saw it and was so grossed out that he decided to wait to use the bathroom at the day camp he was going to. Son2 saw it, assumed it was soap and just went about his business. When we asked Son3 what he thought about the pee all over the bathroom he looked at us, blinked and said, "...wha?"

Finally, I have a link to the blog of a fellow professional SAHM!!! Check out her talents here.


Doug said...

Blog links should be called blinks.

Julie said...

I really need to come and see all this in real life! Sleeping like a King in California sounds quite appealing to me.

The Steed's said...

Correction, I am an "amateur " not professional. I would like to be your apprentice however, and come and see that bedroom. What happened to the purple and gold East Indian stencil on the wall?! It looks great!