Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Albertan gardener escapes!

Every year we plant our garden in April. Lois Hole has an excellent book that encourages me to risk planting when there is still snow on the ground and frost on the windshields in the morning. Butt I took my family and fled from her advice just ahead of a snow storm on April 14. We fled all the way to hot, hot Cuba! It was loverly.

Now it is April 27, our skin is peeling from the sunburns.,, and there is still snow out there... butt not on OUR property! Doug and I were wise to produce 4 little field workers (pictured above) to help us in our yard. They have shovelled the snow off of our north facing deck, prepared the soil in the garden, chopped down the old growth from last season and planted the beans, beets, sweet peas, sugar snap peas, carrots and lettuce (The potatoes and cucumbers need the weather to warm up a little more.). The raspberries are tidied, staked and watered. The evergreens and bulbs are fertilized. The Death Star has been assembled and lies in wait at our back door for scraps from our kitchen (my husband just took up composting but I know that it was the composting unit's resemblance to the Death Star that drew him in).

Now I will sit and wait for the daffodils to bloom. Dear Spring; I love you no matter how long you take to arrive.

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The Steed's said...

Where did you buy your death star? We are going to try composting this year. Do you know if I can plant herbs right now?