Friday, March 18, 2011

Super Thankful Thought

So my favorite, Ali Edwards, uses rounded corner frames that I love (and use) and she has come up with a great idea that I love (and now use) of periodically framing a photo with a Thankful Thought frame. Click here to visit her blog and download her Thankful Thought frame. I just downloaded mine today and immediately had a super chance to use it. Keep reading.

It was above freezing, the sun was shining and we had new snow yesterday: time to toboggan! I invited a friend and we took our children, and I thought to bring my zoom lens. Well, my daughter loves to go over the jump and it freaks me out. I normally forbid it but today I thought it would be fun to catch some photos of her going over the jump; I'm too overprotective, right?

So my thankful thought today is that we have never had to make a trip to the emergency room after a happy afternoon of tobogganing. My super, SUPER thankful thought. The landing here threatened a concussion but this girl is so brave; a couple Advil and she was up for a movie night watching E.T. (If her dad had been in town, we would have spent the evening at the emergency room. Word.)

Ya. That picture makes my feel a little queasy. I'm back to the no-going-over-the-jump rule, and I think this girl is now fully on board.

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Tricky Nag said...

That is a lot of air under that little body! And she doesn't even look scared!!