Sunday, March 6, 2011

Decorator of Kitchen

I haven't received the pink slip as of yet, butt I'm pretty sure that I was fired by the blue-collar workers union. They don't want to call any pansy lazy butts, like me, one of their own. Sooooo... onto my next profession. My sister is overhauling her bathroom, which I hope to feature here, and learning how to put in wainscoting, which she will then teach me to do. My plan is to paint my kitchen grey, put in some counter height wainscoting on the one wall (you thought YOUR kitchen was small but mine only has ONE wall!) that doesn't have cupboards on it. You should know that long ago, in a land far, far away... okay, a town 10 minutes away but it was last summer, my sister ordered some vinyl for me.

I chose orange, and yellow orange versions of the above vinyl decals from wiwicoco on Etsy.
Which I plan to apply to these cupboards in my kitchen.

 So, the plan:
  1. paint walls grey
  2. put up some wainscoting and paint it white
  3. re-paint cupboards white
  4. make a new valance: a graphic orange and grey material
  5. order white vinyl quotes for up above cupboards
  6. wait 1 month then put up vinyl decals
And just in case "anyone" is confused, this is my kitchen. My kitchen right now. The kitchen that you just walked out of after you finished the dishes. Yes, OUR kitchen! Don't be confused because you see it on the interweb. It can be viewed on the internet AND in our house at the SAME time. Okay, ya, the 1st picture is not our kitchen. You're right. But the next three really are.



Samber said...

What's my kitchen doing on that internet?

The Steed's said...

I knew that was your kitchen because of your wonderful calendar hanging on the wall. I love your valence and I am always a fan of wainscotting! Looks great. By the way, I am trying the professional SAHM thing this year and I will be featuring you on my blog shortly. As well, thank you for the coffee shop actions that you wrote about on this very blog. I tried it and already got a positive comment about my first photo that I photoshopped using her tea party action.

Tricky Nag said...

Nicely done! I love the valence. And just think how awesome it will look when the vinyl makes its appearance!