Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chore descriptions

I have thrice searched the interweb, in vain, for chore descriptions. I have purchased the lanyards to hang around my childrens' necks from which to suspend the chore descriptions... butt there are no chore descriptions to be found. Lots of chore charts, if you're wondering. So I spent the day making some up. I did up 18 chores and can send you a pdf if you're interested in having some quirky chore descriptions for your children. Here are 3 samplings:

[I make me laugh. Downtown instead of Downstairs. Baaahahaha.]

 [Haha. Ore. A reference to the board game Settlers of Catan, if you haven't had the good fortune to play it.]

[Seriously, there's not enough room on this card to give my 13-year old the amount of instruction necessary for him to successfully complete this chore, so I resorted to ridiculing him. I find it to be quite motivational.]

So I avoided work today while researching work! I enjoyed searching for brief quotes to add to the cards. Perhaps someday they will mean something to them. Now I'm planning to put 6 cards on each lanyard and the children can take them off and hang them up as they finish them. They will have 1 week to complete them and can figure out when to get them done.

So for my blue collar work, I gave 3 haircuts last week (as requested from people NOT related to me), and 4 haircuts this week (to people who I threatened to charge if they didn't stop complaining and start singing my praise. Yes: related to me). I volunteered thrice at my childrens' school, visited the housebound (a little shot of healing energy out to poor Julie!) and elderly. I also worked hard on my DH's 40th birthday. I hosted 2 parties, took him out and did up Valentine's gifts for all. For his 40th birthday on Valentine's Day I printed 40 of my favorite pictures that made me think of him. I thought that he could put a couple up on his bulletin board at work each week. He actually expressed appreciation for them! Here's a few of those, too.

He treated himself to Lasik eye surgery for his 40th, so that was his monetary gift. I believe he likes that gift a little bit more. Haha. Stay tuned for a guest blogger: my sister is a "professional plumber" and is finishing up her bathroom overhaul. Now THAT takes some real work!


The Samples Sampler said...

You make me laugh too! Love the "ore" comment, and the matching socks made me laugh out loud (as did your comment after it!). I may need copies of your descriptions for my husband...

Doug said...

The pictures are definitely my favourite gift. The eyes are merely tools with which to enjoy the images.

Caren Hunter said...

Could you send me the PDF of your chore descriptions? Thanks caren.e.hunter@gmail.com