Monday, February 7, 2011


The "now" project is being worked on. This is a good concept; good word.

So I thought I'd write about my profession for January. I didn't choose one, but looking back over my month, I would say that I was a socialite. If you don't think that is a profession, you'll have to take that up with Paris Hilton!

I did some serious socializing in January. Let me think. January started with the holidays so that's generally pretty social although I did spent New Years Day finishing up my bedroom. I painted over the purple paint and just finished it all up after letting those little last items drag along for too long. I'm now going to list the social activities that I did in January: visited Second Cup with a couple girlfriends from church; went to the art gallery and for supper with friends from my first job after university; spent a Saturday scrap booking with a neighbour (and dear friend) and a couple friends from high school; spent another Saturday shopping for wedding dresses with my niece and her gorgeous, young friends; took my family to Japanese Village (I had missed that Japanese butter!); organized a climbing party for my 11-year old; planned a farewell dinner for a neighbour with the Tree Island Mom's group; went swimming with my sister and our preschoolers Wed. afternoons; took my 5-year old out for lunch to BP's on a weekday; went cross-country skiing with my DH on a weeknight (why wait for a weekend when you have a 12-year old!); went out for lunch and to look at art with my sisters and mom for my birthday; had a 'favorites' themed night to celebrate my mom's birthday with those same ladies; took in a concert with my sister and our husbands (Spirit of the West's singer sang AND my bro-in-law won the door prize of tickets for the next show!); started aerobics with good friends and almost went to bookclub (it got moved to February due to the weather). Phew. That's a LOT for little ole me. I felt a bit selfish taking TWO Saturdays to myself but my DH said that he didn't mind taking the kids to their classes.

But the coolest thing is that I do have a connection to Paris Hilton. Yes, I do! We have the SAME DRESS! I mean, we didn't wear it to the same socialite event or anything, so it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Tee hee.
But cool, right?

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Tricky Nag said...

That totally rocks that you and Paris have the same dress! I wish I could think of something terribly witty, but really, nothing I can think of does this justice! Awesome!