Monday, February 1, 2010


I pretty much post a blog for myself. It makes me feel young and hip to say that I have one. And it's always a wonderful surprise to find a comment left on said blog. Butt I never thought that I'd see the comment that I saw yesterday morning. After going onto my computer with the purpose of posting an update here, I got sidetracked by a game on Facebook. Bad, Samber. By the time I remembered the reason I had gone on the computer in the first place, it had gotten so late that I wanted to go to bed. Grrrrrrr! Well, I had planned to post, so post I would. I was too tired to post all that I wanted, or to make it clever, but I finished it up about 11:00 Sat. night.

Sunday morning I checked emails and there was one from "Ali" via my blog.

You can go look at my previous post and see it for yourself. You can click on "Ali" and it will take you to Ali Edwards' blog. Now I don't know that Ali Edwards truly commented on my blog but maybe she did. That's surreal. I told my husband that it would be like Michael Jordan coming to his men's league game. I'm not a celebrity person. I'm not into 'famous'. When asked which celebrity I'd like to have lunch with, I don't have an answer. But I think it's really cool that my favorite designer/scrapbooking super hero visited my blog (maybe . . .tee hee).

And I am embarrassed that she saw that poorly designed header of mine. Haha.

Well, enough of the surreal, and back to the real. I thought that I would post a few more scrapbook pages from this month, and my 2010 family calendars (I do one for each side of the family).

(credits: Mandagirl vacation template, paislee press "in good company" kit) I need to add the dates and journalling. Pictures taken by Pauli.

(credits: mandagirl template, papers mostly Shabby Princess)

(credits: papers Jessica Sprague and some freebies off of designerdigitals, scraplifted the layout by nana z.)

Baaaaaha! I'm thinking 16x20 canvas frame. . . B is for booger-bubble. This made it into the family calendar on my husband's side. (credit: frame inspired by Ali Edwards' design)


Dug said...

Fantastic. The Scotland pages make it look even better than I remember.

Julie said...

Is this a mirage? This reminds me of why I've missed you blogging. Let's hope she keeps that great sense of humor for her whole life or else this picture might be not so appreciated. Butt for now, I appreciate it. Hilarious! All your scrap pages rock. You could do a site if you wanted to you know. I'm just saying.

Mjordan said...

More people read your blog than you imagine. I am learning in my spare time. Nowadays all I want to do is scrapbook! But maybe one day I can come to your DH BBall game. I am up that way with some investments.