Monday, February 8, 2010

Handywoman, I am.

I'm supposed to be a professional house painter. I've been a professional handywoman before. Well, I've scheduled the month for me to work on this area; I've never actually DONE anything. I didn't tile the basement bathroom (yes, I have the tile and the adhesive AND the grout). And I didn't paint the trim in the basement. So I wrote down "house painter" hoping that the new title would help me make things happen. My plan was to wash all the trim and doors in my house and then paint them. I have started washing . . . but then I got sidetracked. I decided to convert our guest room into a fourth bedroom so that my second son won't have to share with my first son anymore. This guest room only fits a queen size bed. NOTHING else, but it does have a big closet. Sooooooo, my husband took the doors off the closet, and we emptied it (now it looks like a closet threw up in our family room) and we slid the bed into the opening. I had considered removing the framing for the closet, but then the drop ceiling would have to be redone, and we just put vinyl flooring in, blah, blah, blah. So I kept thinking and came up with:

I already have 1L of bright red paint, which my son loves, and orange primer so the inside of the "closet" is going to be bright red, baby. The rest of the room is a boring tan, but I'll liven it up with the bedspread. I've measured and know what size I need cut for shelves, so his alarm clock and books can be within arms reach. Then one long shelf will run the full width of the closet, just under the electrical box. That'll be for some storage. We'll hide it (and the electrical box) with a valance; some fabric-as-art idea. Above it is room for one vinyl quote. I don't know that "if you think you can, you can. If you think you can't you're right" is the right quote for over the guest bed that my in-laws frequent, so I'll have to keep thinking. ;)

And by pushing the bed into the closet we freed up ample space to put a 175 cm wide wardrobe (likely a PAX unit from IKEA - They sell for 10% of the retail price in the as-is section and since they are having a sale on them right now, lots of people will be buying them. . . and then returning them after getting it half assembled because you know it's too much work! I've gotta get over there soon!).

Bonne nuit!

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