Monday, February 1, 2010

My 2010 professional plan

Alright! It's February. I just finished being a professional historian (scrapbooker) in January.

February: House painter (window trim, doors, bathroom, laundry room)
March: Sociologist (make an 8x8 book of our family traditions - I need reminders!)
April: Gardener (water early!)
May: Photographer (can't wait to photo-edit!)
June: Hiker
July: Artist
August: Biker
September: Home organizer
October: Monk (self-discipline is not beyond my reach!)
November: Artisan/shopper
December: Events Planner

Leave me a comment about what professions you have planned!

1 comment:

Greg said...

Hey - stumbled on your inspirational blog. I'm staying at home until September when Levi is in school full time. I guess that makes me a SAHD which is kinda funny considering it says "sad" instead of "sam". Relative to your 11 years I'm just a hack/amateur. I can tell you that it is not what I expected and it is a lot more challenging now that we are nanny-less. Love all of your creative stuff, written and otherwise.