Friday, May 15, 2009

Snow, snow, go away.

Hello! The plants that my mom bought me for my containers (for my mom's day gift - Thanks, Mom!), and new shrubbery that I picked out are crowded around my patio doors, and have been nervously peering outside at the snow for the past couple of days. Don't worry, I won't put you guys out there in that nasty weather! And more nasty weather to come; they are forecasting -3°C for Monday and Tuesday nights next week. I was told that I had some bad luck with choosing April to be a professional gardener but it's looking like June will be our first chance at good weather. I usually love May; no bugs and weather around 18°C. Blechy.

Butt I do have my vegetable garden and flower seeds planted (sunflowers, cosmos and gaillardia - one of these times they will take). Well, except for the cucumber and squash; have to wait for warm weather for those.

Julie reminded me that my Cycling Mommas class works into my naturalist profession. It's this awesome program run out of the United Church in our neighbourhood. It's 2 mornings a week, with child care, for $30. Despite the bad weather, spring is still coming to the river valley and as the trees start to hint at green, I become hopeful. 

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Julie said...

Hay we'll both have Cosmoses (maybe). All my stuff is planted butt I keep bringing my 2 lovely terracotta pots in and out. The plant pots seem like they're mad at me--but not dead (yet). We'll see what happenes to the rest of my stuff that is, yes already IN the ground (including my Cinderella pumpkin and cucumbers). This is kind of an extreme lesson of survival of the fittest.