Sunday, May 10, 2009

River Valley with Wheels

Yesterday was lovely. Almost as nice as today. We planted the garden. I tried a new blocking layout, since the garden is small, and found it really helpful for making assignments. I marked the layout with 1x6's and the boys just picked a space, figured out what went in it and planted away. SO nice to have help (and to be able to call it help, and not "help").

After supper DH suggested a bike ride in the river valley. So he road his bike from our house, to the river valley, with S in the bike carriage. I drove down with the boys and their wheeled apparatuses and we arrived at about the same time. G took a scooter, K wore his new roller blades and S, E and I rode bikes. E just figured out how to ride a bike, so he wasn't too confident yet, but we enjoyed the trails and made it to the bridge. It was our first wheeled family excursion to the obviously close river valley and it was a success so I know that we'll be going again!

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Julie said...

I'm pretty sure it is "apparati" for the plural. :-) Your bike class is turning you into a real biker chick now. Any leaves in the valley yet?