Saturday, May 30, 2009


S watched some show featuring a picnic so she HAD to go on one. Yesterday was the perfect day since it was a rare hot day (24°C) and E had to go back to school for the afternoon performance of Canadian songs (it was AMAZING - a group of 3 professional musicians taught the elementary school at least 8 songs with actions and memorised intros. . . in 4.5 days. LOVED it!). So I invite the Tree Island moms and 4 of us met up at our community playground for a picnic under the leafless elms and tried to force feed our kids. I think a picnic at the playground only works if you have 4 hours to kill and you make the kids play for 3 hours before allowing them to eat or drink. THEN they'd be interested in the food you packed. Butt it was still a delightful way to pass the lunch hour.

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