Monday, April 5, 2010

My most popular tradition: procrastination!

I have not done a traditions book. More about that later.

I mentioned the "celebration plate" when I was writing about cheerleading. Now that I'm writing about traditions, I thought I'd include a pic. Our last initial is a G so I wrote G words around the edge: great, good, gregarious, etc. I don't know why it is so . . . fancy. I went into the ceramics studio with a plan to use bold colors, maybe put a funky star in the middle but somehow got sucked in by the muted oatmeal glaze and before I knew it the stars were growing off of elegant leaves. NEXT time, a fun plate. Anyway, this is the plate that comes out for every birthday, when someone gets straight A's on their report cards (kinda awkward when they all do - have I mentioned that my DH has a huge brain?), when swimming levels get passed or someone is just crazy considerate to their sibling.

So I downloaded Picaboo with the plan to make this traditions book, but the Picaboo shows me all of my pictures with this hideous blue cast like they are from the 70's and I'm having a hard time believing that they are going to print normally (scapegoat alert) so I've decided just to include tradition pages in with my children's regular scrapbook. I already have some traditions scrapbooked, and my last brilliant thought was to include a few recipes. Like of this perfect sugar cookie recipe that I use for Valentine's Day and snowflake cookies. We melt Jolly Ranchers or Werthers butter scotches in the middle.

And I recognized that the Mentos/pop rocket launch has become a family vacation tradition whenever we are at a snowy destination.

[2009 and then 2010 - but the sense of danger that is written on DH's face makes me giggle. See the rocket that was launched in the top of the screen?]

It was fun focusing on traditions last month. We had a family discussion on the topic and K decided that eating tuna fish for Sunday lunches would be a good tradition, so he made sure that happened every Sunday in March. G suggested that we go out to a restaurant on the Saturday evenings before Fast Sunday to help us remember, which I thought was a great idea. And there were 3 great tradition comments left on my last post which were great. Please add your favorite tradition, too.

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Doug said...

Those pictures look fantastic - especially the plate.