Monday, November 1, 2010

$8 a day

Hello again! I was an artisan/shopper for the month of October, rather than November. I had so much fun! The first weekend I went with some wonderful friends and relatives to a scrapbooking retreat for 3 full days. Delightful!
[Photo courtesy of Deena - thanks, girl!]
My sister and I just took our laptops and I finished up pages for my oldest son, and started working on the 2 family calendars that I'm doing for Christmas gifts. The family calendars are now complete and if I ever figure out how to complete an order at, they will be printed!! Here's a little sample.

 [Above is June from the calendar for my side of the family. Below is November for my DH's side. Does that picture bring you great happiness, or WHAT!?!]

 I also have two 75 page 12x12" photobooks enroute from Shutterfly. One each for the twins. I've embedded Kepler's photobook here (yes, SOOOOO tech savvy). 75% of the pages in his book also appear in his siblings' books.

I also custom ordered some t-shirts for DH and one of my boys, but I can't say too much just in case DH stops by here. But the CDN $ is almost on par with the AM $ so go ahead and order some gifts from the states!

Which leaves me the profession of a Monk for November. I had to LOOK UP what I had accomplished last time I was a Monk (all of five months ago!) and was surprised to see that I got up at 7:45! I have no recollection of that (repressed, I guess! haha). But I'll start November where I left off:
  1. no screen time between 2 and 8pm
  2. getting up at 7:45 everyday (gulp)
  3. morning prayers daily
I'd better write that down on my mirror! So I'll pay myself $8 a day for meeting my daily goals toward my monthly reward of earning a smile for Operation Smile. So here's my plan:
  1. Week 1: practice my achievement from when I was a monk in April
  2. Week 2: add daily scripture reading
  3. Week 3: add weekly home blessing hours (link to Flylady)
  4. Week 4: add meal planning
Now click play on this video, close your eyes and treat yourself to 3 minutes of relaxation. Thanks for reading!


Julie said...

Wow, you have been one busy beaver! I loved Kepler's book. I really need to do something computery and take more photos for that matter.

Tricky Nag said...

Love the photo book!