Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Measure twice. . . correctly

February is over and I am (almost) finished G's bedroom. I didn't take before pictures (What can I say? I just get so eager to begin that I can't stop to take a picture) but imagine a room that IS a queen size bed (there's only room to walk around one side and the foot of said bed) and a closet that is at the foot of the bed and runs close to the width of the room. Not even room for a dresser. That was the 'before'. NOW the bed is in what was formerly-known-as-the-closet, but is now an alcove for the bed. It was a perfect opening for the bed, even allowing for space on each side to make it (not that my 12-year-old would ever consider doing THAT!)

Here's the "after" pictures (yes, I made the bed) minutes before I put up the valance. I measured for the side shelves (twice, each side separately noting that there was a 0.5" difference between the sides yet just told the guy cutting the shelves the ONE shorter length so I would trouble him with TWO numbers and now have some short shelves. . . ), and then my dear daddy came over and put some 2x2 brackets up. Then I had a piece of rough plywood cut for the top shelf and put it up by myself (I did get some bruises on one shoulder, and my lip sweat.) I covered the bottom of this faux ceiling with fabric that I already had, and put a remnant of vinyl flooring on top. It felt so great to use up existing supplies/clutter. Most everyone in the family helped by painting (4 coats later - never painting with red again).

Now with the valance that I sewed tonight and hung with the help of a staple gun. I'm going to have to take it down when I paint the trim. . . it could happen; especially since I've looked at these 'after' pictures and seen how terrible the unpainted trim looks. Imagine it being a crisp white.

And finally, some extraneous shelves inspired me to get shelving cut for the hallway closet. Again, no 'before' picture, so just imagine a pit of despair trapped in a closet, but now. . . 

Brilliant! This is the first time that we've had a home for our vacuum. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it is much. I need to get back to the never ending work of decluttering.


Togo Bound said...

wow - this is the work of a master declutterer. Some of these skills are evolutionary, some genetic, most developed. Never have I seen a room so full of promise and consideration of one young man - in his own room/refuge. Nice goin'


Tashina said...

Awwwwwwwwwww G. I remember he was born when I was in Youth. Were you my YW leader then?

Great makeover skillz though.