Monday, September 7, 2009

A thousand words

I realized mid month that I had designated August to be a professional photographer, so even though I was doing what I always do (taking lots of pictures), I don't usually show them off too much. So it was super fun to go through the pics from August and pick my favorites. Enjoy!

Kay, the sun wouldn't co-operate; this picture looks so great with the sun shining, but we never had the sun shine when the children were smiling. . . but my fave thing is that DH is standing in a hole in the sand so that his head would be closer to the rest of us. Haha.

The Daddinator. Love that the cabin is in the background.

They are like a sand gang.

My youngest brother and his beautiful family with an applied action from The Coffeeshop (link at side of blog).

Ahhhhhhh! Such a great summer pic! My parents rented a boat for the Aug. long weekend and everyone had so much fun.

This picture captures summer at the lake: reading on the pier, the cottage, enjoying the water, bare feet, blue sky. . . love it.

K. In the grass.

Enroute to the next zip line. I mean, how cool is she?

We visited a Hutterite colony near Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Here S is walking with her second cousins, while the picture of DH is with some of his first cousins, whom he had never met.

This is what E tells us happens to him everyday at school, except there is usually also lava and cliffs.

This picture was fun because my camera had almost no batteries so I would turn it on, quickly shoot a picture and then turn it off. I think it's a pretty fun picture for not having looked as I was taking it.

They are outstanding in their field. I know that their outfits are insane but they had just picked out new t-shirts in Drumheller and we were heading back home after a weeks holiday so they were out of clean clothes. This is actually 2 pictures combined. One of just the background, then the one with the kids against the same background. But the childrenless background had so much more color that I had to combine them. I think it's pretty smooth except for some ghosting around the twins' heads. I'm still excited that DH agreed to stop the car so that I could do a little photo shoot in the prairies.

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Anonymous said...

i love your pictures :)- so clever with your kids outstanding in their field... they are all so great. i am so glad i clicked here on a whim cause i hadnt seen u for a while & wanted to see what you'd been up to. Your fam looks great.