Monday, June 22, 2009

Same amount of meat, but MORE fruit + veggies!

I can't figure out how to move that pic over but look at me: eating asparagus in Montreal! That's healthy for the mind and body!

So, I haven't tried out at single new recipe, although I have collected a few (and I tried quinoa for the first time - it's nice!). What I have done is to make a bigger effort to make sure the veggies get on the plates and that we have more fruit available. Gotta love that huge $5 bag of spinach at Superstore and mangoes are in season (yumola!). So I've been making my kids eat the salads that I serve (obviously I don't mean E when I type "my kids" - don't be CRAZY! Although he does eat plain spinach leaves since I told him that caterpillars like to eat leaves). I even started serving fruit juice again, but they only get 250 mL of it a day. And for movie night with my DH I bought Italian soda by President's Choice which has fruit juice flavoring (instead of pop), and those lime tortilla chips (rather than potato chips) and red grapes (to replace candy). I know that I'm not going to get any health awards, but it was healthier than it could have been!

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Anonymous said...

i have a great mango salsa recipe you could dip you lime chips into... that would be like having a million servings of fruit in one sitting!!!
has E ever tried sweet potato fries with lots of butter and BS.... (brown sugar, of course) ??